Staying safe from contagions can seem impossible

Sterile Lab Services has the solution

In today’s environment microbes, pathogens, and viruses can pollute our indoor and outdoor surroundings spreading infectious diseases in a variety of ways.

By providing the latest technology for eradicating spores, pathogens, and bacteria, Sterile Lab Services offers the most effective decontamination services available today. With an effective 6 log (99.9999%) kill of even the most dangerous of pathogens, our decontamination methods paired with the latest in Binary Ionization Technology will kill viruses, mold spores, microbes and any other bio-contaminates. Originally developed to effectively decontaminate weaponized biological agents such as Anthrax, Sterile Lab Services utilizes the most powerful eradication treatment available today. Best of all, it leaves behind only water and oxygen making it a completely green and environmentally friendly solution. This means little or no disruption to your normal activity because it leaves behind no residue or noxious fumes.

Sterile Lab Services is dedicated to assisting industries who need to control infectious disease or spores either airborne or on surfaces in locations such as:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Food & Beverage Facilities
  • General Commercial Offices

Our decontamination services are the answer for industries with high traffic flow and who are at an increased risk of passing pathogens from high touch surfaces and airborne contamination.

Our services include:

  • Educational facility surface decontamination
  • Food industry sterilization
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Healthcare facility decontamination
  • Residential cleaning and disinfecting
  • Indoor air quality control

Download our Emergency Response App

You are an app away from a response from our team.  Use the app to:

  • Make a call to our team (no need to remember any phone numbers)
  • Take pictures of the emergency and quickly send those to our team (no need to figure out who to send them to)
  • Send location information automatically (no need to describe your location)